Helical Pile Pier Videos

Helical PULLDOWN Micropile – The CHANCE Helical Pulldown Micropile works two-fold to develop capacity. Utilizing capacity gained by the end bearing on the helices and the skin friction developed by the grout column, the Helical Pulldown Micropile can develop both Tension and Compression capacities in upwards of 200 ton (400 kip). The grout column is delivered using the grout’s own hydrostatic pressure head and fills in the void created by the displacement plates as the helical pier is “screwed” into the soil.  Helical Pile Pier Videos:

Helical Piers – For stabilizing or lifting foundations (retrofitting to increase load capacity), CHANCE Piles are installed around the perimeter of the foundation. Independent of the structure, the piles are extended to depths which attain the installing torque correlated to the required load bearing capacity.  Helical Pile Pier Videos:

Chance Alliance Network – Chance Helical Piers and Atlas Resistance products are used to lift or stabilize foundations.  Helical Pile Pier Videos:

Instant Lightpole/Sign Foundation – CHANCE® Civil Construction manufactures the Instant Foundation® System to provide resistance to lateral loads and moment loads due to wind and other load conditions. There is no need to auger or pre-drill a hole, no concrete to pour or cure, the foundations can be re-used, and the foundations can be loaded instantly after installation. The versatility and ease of construction of the Chance® Instant Foundation® System permits great flexibility in a number of applications. Typical uses for these products are foundations for equipment pads, foundation supports for signs, supports for light standards and decorative poles, and other eccentric load applications.  Helical Pile Pier Videos:

Resistance/Push Piers – Foundation Problems solved with Atlas Resistance Piers.  The Piers are hydraulically driven into the earth until capacity is reached.  The structure is stabilized or lifted to the proper level.